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Message Subject <<Advancing Bird Flu-H5N1...Now following MERS and Ebola approaching PANDEMICS>>>
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
We have more detailed information here on the way the WHO released information on the ( no so!)new novel coronavirus with this article.

The final paragraph reflects the fact that that this writer isnt to only one concerned with the way that the WHO has treated this case, and the commentary for this person is by far and away more immenently qualified to put these questions but does apear to be basic agreement with my assertions.

So the question REALLY IS, exactly WHAT is the WHO up to and WHY.

I am NOT prepared to accept that the WHO could be so incompotent, and anyaway, the information that has been missing is always the same indicating a deliberate and consistant attempt to hide certain revealing and essential information that would provide researchers with the essential information that, had it been available in a timely manner the circulation of this coronavirus could have been limited and perhaps the reservour could also have been identified.

However this is not the case today and those responsible for this would have known this, indeed having a novel coronavirus in the vincinity of and at the time of the Hajj is pretty obvious, as to intent, whether that could ever be proved is another story, but if one was to be deliberately attempting to recruit natural known circumstances, this would be EXACTLY how you would engineer and execute your plans.

The deliberate witholding of this information is consistant with the thought that by doing so there was also a deliberate attempt to ensure the widespread distribution of this coronavirus.

And that IS consistant with the fact the the WHO is a branch of the UN, and the UN has openly stated that it is their opinion that the world is in need of rapid de-population.

War and disease are equally good for this purpose!

Agenda 21 is a UN document that also very strongly reflects these general directions that the UN would enforce on us all, together with the unthinkable removal of our freedoms and removal of almost everything we value.

So could the UN have an active hand in this, I think so.

Of note, the very same UN just this week passed a vote to include Palestine as an observer state, which has been the source of considerable political irritation with threats of war along with more agitation coming out of Israel.

So it would be fair to say that the UN could be accused of knowingly agitating a delicate balance which might yet lead to a war that could also involve sourrounding states, some nuclear armed.

With a likley shift to a more religous base for conflict, the overall effect would be a massive increase in complexity and overall extent.

It only takes a small spark in the right place and at the right time to set off a powder keg explosion.

This is exactly how both the last 2 world wars began, just in different regions.

More WHO Novel Beta Coronavirus Reporting Issues
Recombinomics Commentary 20:30
December 1, 2012

Of the seven confirmed cases, five developed acute renal failure and three of these died. The remaining two confirmed cases had pneumonia that required intensive support, without renal failure, and recovered.

The two Qatari patients are not linked. Both had severe pneumonia and acute renal failure. Both are now recovering.

The above comments from the updated WHO novel betacornavirus surveillance recommendations posted Friday morning (in red) and the betacoronavirus update posted Friday afternoon (in blue) are inconsistent with the recent publication on the second confirmed Saudi Arabia case (45M), who also developed renal failure prior to recovery and discharge on November 1, when the case was announced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Ministry of Health (MoH).

Break to last para.

WHO should end the charade and release the key information of the confirmed and contact cases immediately.

Link here...

[link to www.recombinomics.com]
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