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[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Basically because the sun is heating up as it ages.

All it takes a is bit of change in the Sun to produce massive changes on Earth.

A change in the temp of the sun by 1% is only like 60 kelvin.

Of course as far as I can tell production of CO2 and methane can have a multiplication of effects of the Sun on the Earth.

The only known way to cut the effect of people on the environment is to cut the number of people.

Just cutting back on the effect that people have will not work in the long run if the supply of people continued to increase.

There is no way to reduce the effect people have on the environment to zero.

One way or the other the supply of people will be cut.
 Quoting: Hypertiger

A bit of heating will make more of the earth habitable. The equatorial area is habitable now. The poles are not.

The only way this doesn't happen, that I can see, is if we get massive desertification. I know that deserts are increasing, but that has not been shown to be related to global warming. (And global warming has not been shown to be related to human causes.)
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