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Q: Why do only black singers rap against the NW0 ..?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1246800

Because they don't? That is only you're limited experience.
Vinnie paz, Slaine, Mr White/everlast, Non phixion, to name
only a few?

Every Kennedy was assassinated by the Illuminati
They shouldíve went to Yankee Stadium for Giuliani
Said Halliburton impersonated Sunni jihadits

[Verse 3: Everlast]

I donít sleep, I donít rust, in God I trust
Got a blood, got a cash, got a power lust
Got a bag of trick knowledge and an eye thatís all-seeing
While youíre waiting on the comeback of your supreme being
Master technician of the superstition
Doctor and a scholar, Apocalyptic horror
Since Genesis I spit Revelations
Within infinite patience I united nations
Iím the rising sun, Iím the new tomorrow
Iím the skull on the gun, Iím the song of sorrow
Iím the thirteenth arrow, Iím the wisest owl
Iím a soul-eating predator, Iím on the prowl
Iím the stolen land, the wisest man
Iím the hidden hand, Iím the oldest plan
Iím the shifting shape, Iím the changing form
Iím the novus seclorum, Iím the coming storm

Just a small example, less then 50% of the lyric incase copyright applies here.
Internet is a funny thing, if you search for it, you'll find it.
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