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Message Subject Who's been the most evil country in history...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the white european has contributed to most good and evil throughout history.
We colonized all over the world, had global slavery, messed up and exploited africa, crusaded the middle east, started 2 world wars, and founded the US, the most war mongering, emperialistic country the last 100 years.
They did to the indians what hitler couldent manage to do with the jewish people, and just think about what they have done to the world in post WW2 history. Also the first nation to use nuclear weapons, killing 100.000's of civilians.
All nations are capable of unspeakable evil.
I think the US and China in general takes it. And lots of good people lives in both countries too, ofcourse.

Kindest nations? I think Tibet and modern Iceland.
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