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Message Subject Who's been the most evil country in history...
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
- Russia/Soviet Union
- Germany
- UK
- Japan (WW2, Manchuria, rape of Nanking, Unit 731)
- US
- Mexico (Mayans)


The US haven't been evil for very long... maybe 50 years. That and the holocaust of Indians...

Russia has been evil for centuries...

Japan only between 1930s-1945.

Mayans for a while.

Germany has started 2 world wars and did the holocaust. So they are pretty sick.

The UK did a LOT of shit for centuries around the world.

Me thinks it's the UK winning it. (nothing against the Brits, just the evil government and the banking system that has been there for hundreds of years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10309512

What a silly polarised and pointless question..it should be who are or were the most evil people in the world..who caused the most division, suffering and wars in history.

Because it is evil people friend,..and I have never seen one physical country get up and go take over another one (although volcanos can be a bit hard core admittedly LOL)...Therefore it is just evil and deluded little people and their cronies who don't care much about their own couty people or the other places the want to conquer, rule or dominate. ..and sadly there's loads of these deluded and divisive morons. Perhap it's actually the bankers such as the roths and rockers as they seem to be the funders of everything (both good and bad)...but seem to like profitting from many historical wars around the world.
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