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Message Subject Who's been the most evil country in history...
Poster Handle a.senni
Post Content
In my opinion it is Britain, as Britain has colonized and therefore enslaved for centuries the a quarter of the world, and Britain has in my opinion a big guilt on why we had a second world war, as they imposed the harsh conditions on Germany that made ww2 inevitable. The second is the US in my opinion, as they murdered all the native Indians without reason, had the huge slave trade with Africans and since ww2 have been imposing their will on the world, invading an endless number of countries, deciding the politics of other countries, ousting presidents in many countries, and forcing countries to start wars. (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Chile, Vietnam etc.etc.). All Eruopean nations have treated their colonies bad, so no one has been "good" in that point, for example Belgium committed a holocaust on Africans in Congo. Germany started ww2, wanted to annihilate an ethnic group. The person who started this thread claims that Germany started 2 world wars, I think he should read the facts before claiming such things, as Germany had nothing to do with the beginning of ww1. In general I condemn Germany more for killing 12 million Russians rather than 6 million Jews, but of coure both are bad. The Japanese killed almost 20 million Chinese, 3 million Indonesians etc., so they are probably even worse than the Germans. The Spanish killed a huge number of Mayas and Aztecs, they basically ended the Maya civilization and stole all their gold and silver. I don't want to go too far back in history and talk about the Romans, because then we would have to talk about people like the Vikings, the Mongols, the Germanic tribes, who killed everything they encountered on their way, so they would be the worse ever.
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