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Message Subject Who's been the most evil country in history...
Poster Handle a.senni
Post Content
As the other fellow pointed out Rome and Britain furthered civilisation. Rome caused many tribal wars to stop because both tribes were Rome now - roads were built, trade flourished. Entire Europe used to have a law based on Roman Law. And it was just - nothing like what we have today.

British also projected a lot of good into the world. Common sense, logic, objectivity - these are very british things. Yes they're not angels but who is? If you focus merely on the negative, you will never see the positive.
 Quoting: teschen

The British invented common sense, logic, objectivity? Are you serious or just deeply uneducated? Logical reasoning in Western civilization was started by Ancient Greek philosophers such as Aristotle. At that time the British were still in the Stone Age. And common sense, what is common sense? Everyone has a different opinion on what common sense is. Seriously.
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