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Message Subject My direct ancestor was a Knights Templar who signed the Magna Carta
Poster Handle Mussum
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[link to www.brookfieldpublishing.com]

More info on the Baron.

Roos erected the Castles of Helmsley, or Hamlake, in Yorkshire, and of Werke, in Northumberland. He was a member of the Order of Knights Templar. He died in 1226/7 and was buried "in his proper habit" in the Knights' Church, or the New Temple in London, where his tomb may be seen. His effigy is described by Gough, in "Sepulchral Monuments," as "the most elegant of all the figures in the Temple Church, representing a comly young knight in mail, and a flowing mantle with a kind of cowl; his hair neatly curled at the sides; his crown appears shaved. His hands are elevated in a praying posture, and on his left arm is a short, pointed shield charged with three water-bougets. He has on his left side a long sword, and the armor of his legs, which are crossed, has a ridge, or a seam up the front, continued over the knee. At his feet is a lion, and the whole figure measures six feet two inches." He married Isabel, daughter of William the Lion, King of Scotland, and widow of Robert Bruce.
 Quoting: Madame X

I hope you don't think you are "special" because of that.

Since this man died in 1227, it's likely that he has MILLIONS of descendants living today.

Imagine that he had just one son. This one son, had 2 sons. That's two grandsons.

Imagine that each of the two grandsons had 3 children each. That's 6 great-grandchildren.

Now, can you calculate how many descendants of those 6 great-grandchildren are living today?

Let's try to do some math...

Imagine 30 years per generation.

30 years x 25 generations = 750 years.

1227 + 750 years = 1977

25 generations.

If the number of descendants doubles at each generation, that's 2^25 descendants.

2^10 = 1024

2^11 = 2048

2^12 = 4096

2^13 = 8192

2^14 = 16384


2^25 = 33,554,432

33 million descendants.

You are just ONE among 33 million descendants of that man.

You are not special.
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