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Message Subject I'm about to enter into inner Earth and be anointed "Christ" by extra terrestrials, ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The messiah will not return as one person, but lead through all of us, or those willing to listen ;). When human beings wake up, they will see that our oneness creates and recreates life in existence. The universe is inside of us all.

 Quoting: Conveyor1138

No I'm afraid not. Yahweh always anoints a messiah to lead the people out of oppression. Moses, Joshua, Zerubbabel. It would be nice to think all you have to do is continue sitting on your thumb and you will no longer have to pay outrageous taxes to a corrupt government whose only using those funds for black ops funds to wage war against Yahweh. That's not the case. A messiah is appointed by Yahweh, who is an extra terrestrial, who lives within the Earth. The messiah is let in through the East gate which is a location on the Earth.
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