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Message Subject Wouldn't Americans be stupid NOT to vote for Ron Paul!?
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
Is Ron Paul a politician? Yes. Strike One.

Does Ron Paul affiliate himself with either of the two major political parties? Yes. Strike two.

No need for a Strike Three, it's obvious he can't be trusted.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1386821

Is Ron Paul a politician? No, not in the sense of romneygingrichsantorumobama. He has served 11 terms in Congress, that is true. He is also an M.D. and is 76 years old, you do the math. Does that make him a professional politician? The answer is obviously not.

Does Ron Paul affiliate himself with either of the two major parties? Yes. Because he has to. Third parties are marginalized and it's almost impossible to get on the ballot in the fifty states. Therefore he has to affiliate himself with a major party. He has ran a third party campaign before, so I suspect he has learned this.

Since there is no strike three, it would behoove you to check this man and his ideas out.

Perhaps you can start here.

Have you read his platform? Or better yet have you read this ? -

26 Things Non-Paul Voters Are Basically Saying

I am trying to understand the thinking behind the great many Americans who have decided to vote for a mainstream politician in 2012.

[link to www.tomwoods.com]
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