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She dances very beautifully, but her soul is empty, just as the ones who sit behind her are empty. They are unfortunate souls who have been trapped by the world of things.

I have nothing but compassion for them for now they are realizing what many others have realized long ago, we are one and it is killing them. Yet, they will run from their shadow which they have made strong within themselves, they will seek comfort through their dark alliances and paper schemes but none will be found as the light moves them closer to their destination in destruction.

However, because no soul stays ignorant permanently they too will one day except the realization that we are ALL one and really move into true power. You see their power only extends to those who feel powerless, none else.

The souless woman has many scars that will take lifetimes to heal, to me she is a real trooper, she used her free will to drink deep of the darkness within man, it was said that some dance to remember some dance to forget, may her wish of forgetting be fulfilled.
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