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Message Subject WiFi-hazard! Probably the most disturbing interview you will ever see!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The fall-off of wifi strength is exponential. That means a few inches or feet make a HUGE difference on your EMF/RF dose.

That means:

- DON'T put your laptop (or cordless mouse) on your lap/leg.

- Put your wifi trasmitter in the least-used corner of your home, especially not near your bed.

- Use speakerphone on your cell phone, and text instead of calling when you can. Don't carry your cell phone on your hip.

- Sit or stand a few feet from the TV (when it's on).

- Don't position any furniture you sit or sleep on directly against the part of the house that has a smart meter on the other side.

- Sit or stand at least 6 feet from the microwave (when it's on)

- Don't use the hairdryer more than you need to.

- Don't sit or stand with your head closer than a foot to a fluorescent or CFL light.

And then, stop worrying about it! If you did those things, you're probably getting virtually no EMF/RF radiation. Remember, EMF/RF radiation is not like radioactivity (like from Fukushima). In small doses, it really is likely to be harmless. Radioactivity will always destroy cells and increase cancer risk even in very small quantities, but that's not the case with EMF/RF. A little is ok. A lot is bad. And avoiding getting a lot is not too hard!

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