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Message Subject Chemtrails hiding Nibiru & it's getting closer. Update- 2/10/12
Poster Handle John Everytard
Post Content
Chem-trails are an overt attempt to disguise an incoming brown dwarf star/sun with it's orbiting planets or moons & inhabitants. Asian country's (China, Taiwan & Pakistan -check out YOUTUBE 2 suns videos) have reported on national televised news shows and shown video of 2 suns in the sky. The USA is afraid to let people know there is nothing they can do. The government’s fear of mass panic, rioting, looting are the main factors. The mass deception that the government along with organized religion have painted us with for so long is about to be revealed. We are not the highest and most advanced people in the universe and the past is repeating itself. Google sky & Microsoft world wide telescopes are apparently being controlled or curtailed by this under the National security act and that's why position: 5h 53m 41s,-6 00 58. is now a big erased box in Google sky, Microsoft World Wide Telescope & WIKI Telescope since the ancient Sumerian records & even the Bible say Nibiru will approach from the Southern Sky - “THE LORD FROM THE SOUTH SHALL COME” (Habakkuk chapter 2) & “ALONE HE STRETCHES OUT THE HEAVENS; HE ARRIVES AT THE GREAT BEAR, SIRIUS AND ORION AND THE CONSTELLATIONS TO THE SOUTH” (The book of JOB chapter 9) The Sumerians told us about this event and damage it causes (ice age, great flood, asteroids, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) & it just happens that all the middle east country's that we helped to over throw in the last few years were all places that were mentioned as space related sites of the Anunnaki who are the inhabitants of this incoming planet and we are doing exactly as they did thousands of years ago when it was thought that "The Gods" would return, we are fighting for control of these sites. CONNECT THE DOTS = Chemtrails to hide the incoming Nibiru. We invade ancient Babylon (Iraq) & head straight to the artifacts, alien technology and Ziggurat). We get rid of the Egyptian president & loot records, artifacts & alien technology. All the sites that the Sumerians spoke about as being places the GODS lived. READ ZECHARIAH SITCHINS 12th planet and you will be amazed and the dots will connect themselves... There are so many signs that it's real: We've had more space shuttle missions in the last year then ever before, NASA shuts down the public's access to the WISE telescope. Google sky, MS WWT & Wiki telescope have blocked out the Southern heavens which according to Sumerian clay tablets have noted that from this direction is the incoming orbital direction of Nibiru. We've now launched 2 laser/radio wave mapping rockets (Grail A & Grail B) to hit the moon on New Year’s Day because some feel it's an artificial satellite used as a way station for the Anunakki's earth missions. The Vatican spends MILLIONS on an Infra-red telescope named Lucifer. The MILLIONS spent on the US governments South Pole InfraRed gov. telescope. Look at all the Middle East places we've invaded in anticipation of this planets return. The number of earthquakes that are growing daily due to this super dense gravitational force heading our way... And Zechariah Sitchin who translated the Sumerian texts detailing Nibiru that were recorded 6000yrs ago about the Gods from this planet who created us from a mixture of DNA was actually awarded a lifetime award from a Vatican official for his work on the Sumerians & their beliefs.. Why would they agree? Unless they already knew the truth was coming back & they've spent millions on a telescope to see it!.. Sitchen sat down with a high ranking official at the Navel Observatory & this guy stated they are searching the area that Sitchin predicted Nibiru would approach from.

[link to www.youtube.com]
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why don't you link to some of those videos?
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