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Message Subject two witnesses of revelations
Poster Handle mombis
Post Content
i must add my two cents here and say, the two witnesses are two men. yes, living, breathing, soon to be walking men on the face of the earth. together at some point. their message will be different from what has been told up to this point, just as moses did, and paul, etc. at different point in the show, if you will.

their message is to the believers and how to live out their days without being fooled and taking the mark.

at some point it will become clear to all, they are truely different and are called and speaking on GOD's behalf.

they come against the ac and the false prophet and are killed and lay dead it the streets for the whole world to see. after the rapture, we go to a big party or supper in heaven and hang there a few years, until every words of the bible is fullfilled.

we all come back to earth and rule with Jesus for the thousand yrs, under the condutions set by Jesus himself. not 50,000 different preachers of every faith, but one teacher and one faith, no excusses, everyone will know the truth. at the end of that 1000 yrs, the tears and weet will be separated one last time and forever begins...
 Quoting: chipg

hey chicken little, jk!! love ya!! hey, seriously though, do you think you know who the other witness is if you think you are one of them..and im not saying if you are one of them or not ,this is def not my place!!! you can tell me i wont say anything to anyone.. jk again!!! no really do you know who you think it is though???... seriously. would you tell us who u think it is??
 Quoting: mombis 10385154

hey btw, were all chicken littles here. thats what my sister calls me.thats what brings us to this forum right?? theres a chicken little in all of us!!!!!Amen??
 Quoting: mombis 10385154

this sounds right , there revealing of the ac, and the mark, will they also preach the gospel as Jesus as the Christ to all mankind too, chip? For the lost. will they preach the truth of salvation??
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