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Message Subject Petition to Arrest The Illuminati - Lets Give the E.T Permission
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.thepetitionsite.com]

follow this link and support it by signing it.
Give permission for the E.T's to step in and make all the arrests of the Illuminati. we have the right to take back our planet.
Free Will
 Quoting: Galactic Federation 1460019

Why don't people do simple google searches such as 'Galactic Federation of Light EXPOSED' and find the other side of the coin, the honest side.

Why people gravitate towards alien/DEMON lies and deceit is beyond me.

Sheesh, whenever listening to a new 'speaker' on youtube it is ALWAYS a good idea to research their dark-side first to fins where they are coming from, who they work for and what goals they are aspiring to.

It's the same with all those NESARA dweebs - all hailing something that is built on destroying America.

Oh well, God said he'd send a great delusion - but what's the need when so many people are deluded with the simple things:(

Since when did petitions settle anything ever anyway?

Industrial companies are still dumping their waste into our water supply...

Japan is still murdering thousands of whales...

Baby fetuses are still a main ingredient in expensive skin-care products...
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