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Message Subject Metallica's Illuminati messages.
Poster Handle DILKe
Post Content
when you embrace and accept the ultimate fear for most, death, you become free. then you can truly embrace life.

and the link you provided proves they are not satanic. satanists (much like the owner of this site) believe that this life is IT. no spirit,no soul no afterlife.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4494441

Bands ONLY become big hits when they sell their souls for fame and fortune.

And who they sell it to is always the same evil serpent - and most bands admit this.

Watch Hells Bells 2 on youtube - even Christian bands sell their souls for fame and fortune - like Katy Perry.

It's sad really:(
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1145595

i'm very well aware of occult influence on musicians. i've been studying it for nearly two decades.

however; the words i stated, are true.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4494441

Actually, Metallica's early rise to fame and success can be heavily attributed to their constant tours and live performances. Radio didn't want them record labels hated them, all because they were unique and rebellious. They just kept doing live shows until they had such a huge following and unstoppable momentum. As for later in their career, that may be debateable, but I can't forget how the MSM made a mockery of them time after time. It seemed to me MSM only jumped on the Metallica bandwagon to rake in the proffits, but they never truly threw in their support. Think of music awards, and how the awards were usually given to some crap band that never deserved to be hailed as heavy metal, or other such incidences. But there was just no stopping Metallica, they always bounced right back.
 Quoting: Celt 9888079

They also gave away thousands of tapes for free to get noticed...
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