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Message Subject Metallica's Illuminati messages.
Poster Handle Celt
Post Content
Did anyone know what they were listening to when they heard these songs?

[link to www.orderofmelchizedek.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1034027

Checked out the link. If this is the true meaning of their music, and to a degree, it's how I've always interpreted it, I'd say they are not of the agenda to keep us dumbed down, but to awaken us. I always felt as though Metallica was opening my eyes and mind to what's been hidden, exposing the lies of society, etc. I had a rough childhood, by no fault of my own, had religion shoved down my throat, and when I discovered Metallica, it inspired me, gave me a sense of liberation, helped me become aware of what was going on around me, made me think for myself, which I've always been inclined to do, but this increased. Shortly after starting to listen to them, I abandoned organized religion, dogma, and began my own quest for true spirituality. I've always felt Metallica was against the system.
 Quoting: Celt 9888079

Agreed Celt, I feel a huge sense of personal inspiration in their music.
 Quoting: Spazz

Ah, good ole Metallica! Gotta love them!hf
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