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Message Subject Metallica's Illuminati messages.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
50% of there songs are about war,and the other 50% are about mental illnesses and addiction.so this doesn't surprise me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1407188

James Hetfield had an alcohol and herion problem, which escalated out of control after the death of Cliff Burton, which partly explains the reference to drugs in their music. Also, other things from his childhood bore a major influence on their writing. Their focus on war, was heavily anti-war, and more sympathetic to those suffering from the effects of war. At least, that's how I interpreted their music. They are heavy metal, after all, and metal is about saying something worth saying, and invoking ones anger about the situations we find ourselves in throughout our lives. These days, metal is a joke, but Metallica perfected the art of Heavy Metal. They were controversial, unafraid to voice their political views, and I respect them for it.
 Quoting: Celt 9888079

I knew James had an alcohol problem, but heroin?? I've never heard this. Where'd you get this info?? I've often wondered about cocaine with the lyrics to Master of Puppets.
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