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Message Subject URL “Illuminati” spelled backwards redirects to NSA!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is an old thread and i just came across this backwards site ... this john fenchley fellow ...

if he doesn't know about the New World Order, how does he know about the Illuminati?

clearly, he's computer literate enough to register a domain. and so he never did a search on the word he used for it?

then, he decided to link it to the NSA? okay. what combination of illuminati + NSA doesn't touch upon the NWO?

and the NSA never saw this "link-up" to their PUBLIC website? (answer: 99.999% they did)

if they did, how come up they didn't de-link it?

i think unless you meet this john fenchley guy in person and vet that he is, indeed, who he says he is , i would not buy EMAILED response. it smells to me like he gave you the run-around.

from what i read so far.
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