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Poster Handle Da Purple Chicken
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Here is something very controversial. You are free to believe it or not as this is my opinion.

The legendary Arthur is based in part on Artorius Dux Belorum.
The legendary Merlin is based in part on Governor Ambrosius Aurellianus.

However, the Arthur story telling begins much earlier with Emperor Vespasian as the original Arthur and Apollonius as the original Merlin.

They did bring the Pax Romana to Britain and were seen as heroes of peace, unity and power to some natives there.
 Quoting: ren1999

Interesting! All the dots connect.

Several years ago, I remember reading about the problems with the historical timeline, that there was in fact, "no middle ages" and we are off in our current calculations of what year it really is. What I read would place Arthur around the first century. I recall thinking that possibly that would equate him with Jesus.

I'll see if I can find that later today.
 Quoting: Da Purple Chicken

The parallels are uncanny. The Gregorian calendar poses great difficulty in accuracy, that's for sure!

I've heard numerous times in discussion the idea of Arthur being an incarnation of Jesus, and placing Arthur in the first century is not a huge stretch by any means!

I'll revisit my 'calendar' files too!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1948683

Found one of the old threads talking about it.

Thread: THE Middle Ages NEVER HAPPENED.

We could be up to 1000 years off.

There are other researchers that have focused just on the middle ages, giving a figure of about 400 years off. I'll see what else I can find.
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