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Dreams - Things Are Really Starting To Accelerate - Some End Times Predictions For You

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02/09/2012 09:52 PM
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Dreams - Things Are Really Starting To Accelerate - Some End Times Predictions For You
Edited to make dates more specific (February 10th 2012)

Hi forum, just wanted to post some dreams that I have had.

First let me preface this by saying that I do think I am one of the witnesses spoken of in the book of Revelation. I say this not out of pride or attention. In fact, I think you will see when I become a public figure why I have absolutely nothing to be proud of. I'm a particularly bad sinner and was a meth addict for 5 years. Meth is a nasty drug and I did a whole bunch of things I'm ashamed of while on it. I think this is the reason that the Witnesses are said to be wearing Sackcloth. (Sackcloth is symbolic of mourning.)

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: (1 Corinthians 1:27-28)

I was called by God in the 7th month of 2011. Shortly after my calling I started getting dreams. I will usually get multiple dreams every night. God will wake me up after each one so I can write them down or try to store them in memory. The first couple dreams were chastisements over sinful practices that I was engaging in. One of these practices was listening to music backwards in an attempt to look for Satanic messages. Many other dreams take place in a school classroom. This is where God does things that will strengthen you like work on public speaking etc. At first I wondered if I was schizophrenic but after a couple weeks I realized that it would just not be possible to explain away all of the coincidences and psychic type of phenomenon. Many of the dreams correspond to things that I find upon waking that are happening in the real world that I didn't know about before I went to sleep. These dreams are symbolic and hard to interpret. I'll get into the dreams in a bit but first...

Concerning my claim that I'm John the Baptist. This isn't coming from a place of pride or anything like that. I'm certainly not looking forward to the job that God has given me. I've been given some insight to how bad this is going to be for me and just how hated and loathed I will be. Not only that but since being called, my relationship with God has spiraled downwards seemingly almost out of control. Things just keep on getting worse and worse I keep on messing up more and more. I'm also doing all sorts of stupid things in relation to my work which has God furious. I'm writing careless comments or blogs that come from a place of anger or hate rather than love. I'm constantly getting chastised to hurry up or to move faster which puts this tremendous amount of pressure on me. I'm also having to rewrite articles because of accidental plagiarism (didn't know it was plagiarism). After years of being a meth addict I no longer have any writing skills whatsoever. As a result it looks like my blog is written by a 12 year old. My confidence, which was almost nonexistent to begin with, has become so low that I can't do anything anymore with out making a mistake. Any sort of natural common sense has long left me, I'm constantly second guessing myself yet still doing really idiotic things out of carelessness. Eventually it got to the point where I felt so overwhelmed and ill equipped that I felt like giving up and fell back into sin for several days.

This is how one "blasphemes" the holy spirit. It is when you've been set aside with the holy spirit and you continue to sin despite God's chastisements. These chastisements happen in dreams. Luckily I stopped after several days but I think I did some serious damage to myself and my relationship with God. In the dreams that I would get during this period the symbolism that he would use is that I'm destroying my soul or body by leaving it open to possession (the bible states if someone falls back into sin then they will be 7x worse as they were before becoming a Christian as a result). In these dreams my life or path is usually symbolized by a car. When I'm doing something stupid the car is going to get into an accident. The symbolism if I sin is that the car is put in reverse and there's no way to put it back in gear. I just slide down the road in reverse out of control. About a month ago my emotional problems were starting to disappear. This elevation in mental state is what the airplane symbolized. Now my dreams that involved my life or journey would be symbolize by an airplane. Anyways I had several warnings during this time period that I should have listened to. He showed me getting chased by demons, he also showed me on a boat (another symbol of my life or journey) this boat got hacked to pieces by another boat. I fell into the water and the demons started charging towards me (they must have jumped into the water too). Then I had a dream I was in an airplane and my airplane got shot down. My body got shot as well which may symbolize that I have crippled myself on a spiritual level. Since then the dreams from God are very vague where they used to be quite vivid. I rarely remember them. I only remember the really bad ones. In these dreams he is absolutely livid and is using *very* violent symbolism to show how angry he is at me.

For the past couple weeks, corresponding to this period where I fell back into sin, I have been edgy and angrier, perhaps as a result of demonic oppression. I have been wondering if I did blaspheme the holy spirit. I asked God if I did. Luckily the dream was vivid enough where I remembered some details upon waking up. In this dream, I was at some persons house buying a car (I assume). I think I may have traded my ipod (symbolized value?) to the guy. In return I got the car. I can't remember the conversation but as I was walking out I said "Hey here are your keys!" In reply he said "They're yours not mine." I'm not sure just what he was implying in this dream. Blaspheming the holy spirit is the only sin that is not forgivable. This above mentioned dream happened only a couple days ago. This morning I woke up in a very awkward body position. My right hand was over my heart and my knee was bent up. I woke up with the feeling of oppression and physical emotional anxiety. I have come to identify this with God's anger. I heard the song "Wicker man by Iron Maiden" playing in my head (I wake up to music about 1/3rd or 1/2 the time. The music always corresponds to the dream or some other message God wants to give me, for example if I can't remember the dream very well I will hear Gemini Dream by Moody blues, or Da Capo by Ace of Base "You can't hear me in your dreams, you're living in a dreamers dream"). The part of Wicker Man I was hearing goes like this: "Your time will come, your time will come, your time will come, your time will come."

Anyways I'm going to post back here shortly with the dreams that I have had that seem to be prophetic.

I was told through a series of dreams that I was John the Baptist.

Destruction of Damascus coming very soon
[link to johnthewitness.wordpress.com]

Aliens are demons will come Dec 21 2012
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Other Witness is mestizo
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Virus pandemic on the way before 2012
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How is Satan going to deceive scrupulous Bible savvy Christians who are watchful and weary of any moves towards a one world government? These Christians know that the Bible warns about a Satanic End Times kingdom and they would cause an uproar at the formation of such. Satan therefore must disarm these Christians. He must create a puppet Illuminati organization which presides over the creation of this supposed New World Order, he will create a counterfeit of all the major prophecies in Revelation, a counterfeit regathering of Israel, a mark of the beast, New World Order, Mystery Babylon the Great etc.

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02/09/2012 09:54 PM
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Re: Dreams - Things Are Really Starting To Accelerate - Some End Times Predictions For You
and so it begins


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