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Message Subject Just curious......... what % interest do you pay on your mortgage?
Poster Handle Pangn
Post Content
4.35 fixed 20 yrs
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1493908

Wow. We can't even fix ours for longer than 15 years in this country as no bank offers it. To get a fixed 15 year rate here you would pay almost 1.5 percent more than the current variable rate so people here don't tend to do it. Interest rates went to as high as 19% a couple of decades ago. We also can't get long term leases like people in some countries get. It's usually a year or two and so many of my friends have been turfed out after a year in a new rental as the landlord has sold it & the new owners want to move in.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10686960

That's nuts. Ours is 30 years fixed at 5.75%

As for the person who says to only buy what you can afford.. that is a great strategy for cars and regular items

but a home.. lol my only options were pay in rent what I do in a mortgage, or pay the mortgage.

At least with one I end up with something

It would likely take the same amount of time for me to come up with the cash to pay for one coupled with rent.
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