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Poster Handle Brainsdonthurtabit
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What gives you the right to make a murderer out of me?

This should not be about the Catholic Church, but about the individual rights to freedom of religion. What gives Obama the right to order ME to pay for someone to murder their children???

It is estimated that women using the pill will conceive 1-2 million babies each year. Because of the pill, those babies will starve to death rather than be implanted in the womb.

It is against my religion to murder a human being, regardless of how young or small.

Why should I be forced to pay for you to murder your children? If I am forced to buy health insurance for myself that includes abortion and birth control pill coverage, then you are forcing me to pay to murder your children.

What gives you the right to make a murderer out of me?
 Quoting: samanthasunflower

Your mom should have eaten you. You are stupid beyond fucking belief. Don't spill any sperm you retard.
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