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Poster Handle Tuff~Kooky
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This was a compromise. He told Catholic Priests to stop fucking children in the ass and he would lighten up. Looks like the Priests are back to fucking each other for a time. What a pathetic fucking religion. Jesus would you please come down here and fix these stupid asses...Please!!!!!
 Quoting: Brainsdonthurtabit

Don't be stupid because you hate catholics. I don't want to pay for your PB&J at lunchtime, I don't want to pay your barber to trim your mullet, and I don't want to pay for your sisters birth control. I am willing to pay for reasonable defense of this country, and keep the roads paved and plowed. I work for my money, and don't care to supplement your all day adventures of guitar hero and daytime court T.V. So let's just say everyone pays for themselves.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9139427

Don't forget the Viagra. Everybody better pay for their own Viagra then!
Nobody's health insurance paying for Viagra.
After all, Viagra makes babies. You gonna pay for all those babies instead?

Or would you rather see those babies grow up and die in "defense" of this country
(which is actually offense btw)
While you pay for foreign military "aid" to other countries?

And you think everybody pays for themselves?

Since when?

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