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Message Subject Come see live video of deep space! 2-11-12
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To many weird angles, arch and holes, very strange, the 3 smaller structures on the left almost looks like storage for the bigger one or control room for the bigger one!
 Quoting: wtf/up

Well your never know! everyone needs storage! lol

I find nature just as strange and wonderful as anything, i can think or imagine.

I find it quite interesting that they might yet find life (apart from us) in our Solar system, of course you could argue the Solar system is life, same goes the Universe and everything, just in a slightly different way than our organic life, this possibility is written about by Carl Sagan in his book Cosmos, that i implore you to read if you haven't already. Which up brings us back to the possibility of life in more extreme environments than our own, I hope, and think we may find the answer to this question in our life time, if we do it will be the greatest discover in human history and will show that we really are not alone!

I can help but feel life is everywhere even if we still don't understand the big picture, maybe its just beyond our comprehension completely, and we'll destroy ourselves before we become aware of nature on that level, or maybe we'll get hit by a asteroid ;) either way its been good exploring and finding out.
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