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Message Subject Do You Believe in the Reality of Parallel Universes?
Poster Handle Alien Commander Omd I
Post Content
I believe our target is to open a stargate. While we have shown that we can navigate local multiverse - our alien overlords want us to master timespace phenomena on a galactic scale.

This is what I want too. I am absolutely ready for the New Dawn in that case. But what I am missing is the technology to do so.
 Quoting: neutrino

Yeah and I want to be rich. All I'm missing is the money!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9704425

You figure out a way, formula, technique, or process to slip back and forth between this and a yet to be proven parallel universe, receive credit for being the human who has proven or figured it out, and you can start counting your money!

alien03 -We don't use money. We give credits for advancing the intelligence of our dimensions. The more intelligence credits you receive the higher in value you are considered.
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