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Message Subject GREECE: Massive day in Greece, Huge Demos - Watch Live / Discussion 12th Feb 2012
Poster Handle Starwind
Post Content
Agreed, but i think it will take a revolution to oust the current government, the Greeks will not react very well if the parliament vote this through.

Huge numbers there today... fair play to the greeks.
 Quoting: The Scientist

it doesnt matter if the Greek politicians do sign an agreement because it will be rejected by troika,you watch and see,this is going to the wire,march 20th 2012

on the 19th of march they will holding emergency meetings and babbling how they hope to sign a deal buts its not going to happen
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1496863

I don't think it can go to the wire (20th March) because these mechanisms take time to implement, they can't just magic 130 billion into the greeks bank account, i think if they vote no today then Greek 100% defaults and CDS will trigger almost immediately.
 Quoting: The Scientist

Yeah, I believe they have to approve the package today to be able to meet a Feb 17th deadline to deal with investors which leads to another deadline, etc etc.

They keep putting things off but I believe today might be one of the last chances to do so.

This is a pretty fucked up situation though. If they don't pass the bill its some kind of unforeseen global economic implications, if they do pass it its 70% write down on greek debt, more and more austerity, more unemployment, and more than likely they'll need another bailout before too long.
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