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Subject 'US, Israel never tolerate free media'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Israelis are aware that media plays a powerful role especially when it comes to shining a light on stories, so they prevent activists and other pioneers to tell the truth, a prominent analyst says.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ken O’keefe, international activist, to share his opinion on this issue.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Press TV: You have had firsthand knowledge of this, trying to get information out, but being prevented from doing so.

O’Keefe: Well there is no question at all that telling the truth in this world is indeed a revolutionary act. And let us not confuse the journalists that work for what I consider to be ‘prostituted’ organizations posing as news agencies such as the BBC and others.

Those people cannot be put in the same category as those people who are on the ground telling the truth, uncensored and doing their best to get that to the people. There is a huge distinction between those two and clearly there are significant risks if you decide to expose the major criminals of our world.

Press TV: So it is not just about what you are trying to say, it is how you want to say it and therefore you will be treated in a different way depending on your stance?

O’Keefe: Well there is no question as we know Press TV has just had it license lifted here, why is that so-called free and democratic society? If you tell the truth you will find no favor with the powers had been in this world.

So particularly, in Palestine if you are telling the truth and exposing the American, European, the Israeli system and how it continues to maintain this very oppressive war criminal type of reality for the Palestinians, of course you are not going to find favor in fact it could be very risky.
[link to www.presstv.ir]
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