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Message Subject Did anyone of you ever really knew a freemason personally? I did...
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Many of the men in my family are Masons, and from what I've gathered, Freemasonry is basically a religious fraternity for old men. They show respect to several interpretations of the divine, but serve only the abstract idea of what they believe is God.
Sure, there have been Masons who have done terrible things, but I don't believe Masonry as a whole is evil. They seek to guide the future of mankind from behind the scenes into a more positive future, and they genuinely believe that what they're doing is good.
I don't think masonry starts to become sinister until you reach the higher levels, as in politics, absolute power corrupts.
 Quoting: jadksn 10547409

Yeah, this is what I think. I think they believe in this brotherhood kind of thing. They all stick together and protect each other. They have their secret sign to let each other know they are masons. Most of the men in the lower ranks are just trying to do good in the world. I had relatives who were Freemasons. Apparently the pagan symbolism of their rituals doesn't bother them because they think they are just metaphors.
I've always suspected that the real reason behind the formation of Freemasonry is to keep the Pope and the RCC from getting too much power. People who claim the Roman Catholic Church is secretly involved in it are way off base I think. I read that freemasonry was inspired by the Knights Templar of the middle ages who were part of the Catholic church but who got shut down and tortured by the Pope's order.
The DeMolays is the boy's branch of the masons and it's named after a man who was tortured by the Catholic church when they wanted to end the Knights Templar. So, I see that as a clue.
Catholics aren't allowed to be masons, besides they have their own organizations, like Knights of Columbus.
Doesn't it sort of make sense that if masons formed a brotherhood of men regardless of their religion( you just have to believe in a higher power) to support and help each other the real point behind doing that is to keep any one religion from getting too much power? Probably at the time it started the most powerful man in the world was the Pope.
That's just my theory anyway.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1145382

That's what the low level are led to believe. The upper level know they serve the Pope!

The pope created the Templars and can abolish them. That is who they answer to thru an elaborate chain-of-command thru Washington & London.

Just ask George Bush.
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