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Message Subject What type of people do the illuminati want?
Poster Handle Lux Pain
Post Content
Your question is far too vague.
But, I will take a stab at it.

1. People who have the ability to influence the minds of MANY. eg. TOP celebrities (more than a million+ followers)pope2

2. People with political influence in KEY positions. Not to be confused with the top most positions. Often KEY positions are worked by people you never heard of and wont ever get to know. bushfing

3. People who fulfill requirements 1 and 2 above and are willing to sacrifice their very lives for the organization. This really doesn't differ much from your country's military or army. Basically, you pledge your soul's loyalty to the cause and credo. Idol1

4. And, actually the most important type of member; a person who has an actual link to 'ancient' bloodlines. I will let you figure this one out. But, just know that THIS person would easily outrank everyone else on the list so far. dickogrrrgwdance

5. A person with unique identifiable and provable talent and/or ability. This person ironically ranks last. He/she would serve as a tool/weapon for the group and would not technically exist as you know it. yoda
They are considered fiction. But, are in truth living fact.

And, that's all I got.
You experts feel free to chime in.
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