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Message Subject The only thing guaranteed in life is deception. . . Everything else is optional!!!!!
Poster Handle Noble
Post Content

Time Travel . . . Proof of other realities . . .coffee4

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: George B


I guess she made sure the cell towers...and other people with other cells phones..."traveled through time" with her...

....and that she thought it would be a good idea to whip this technology out while walking on a public street...

Oh George...Tell me you don't "believe" this is a "time traveler".

 Quoting: Noble

If she were a time traveler . . . I suppose she was using a two-way device of some sort communicating with someone else . . . not a traditional cell phone . . . you have to admit she looked as though she was talking into something and no two way radios existed at that time . . .

I am not saying that it was a cell phone or that she was a time traveler . . . however, if time travelers existed it would be proof of multiple universes, different dimensions or some alternate reality . . .coffee4

By-the-way, you have made it clear that the only things you want to talk about are the Chemtrail Conspiracy, Aviation,and Atmospheric Science . . . ohno What is the deal? . . .rex
 Quoting: George B

Yeah, someone talking to someone else...through a fancy cell phone...from the past...

...is evidence of a multi-verse... different dimensions or some alternate reality...

Got it!

I have no problem believing in a multiverse WITHOUT the time traveling cellphone user.

Oh, and "the deal" is...I'll talk about what I want..WHEN I want...especially in reference to the crap you post...and the assumptions and speculation that goes with it.

Just because I'm not interested in discussing "beliefs" with you...doesn't mean I'm not going to laugh at you when the mood strikes...
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