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Message Subject A WARNING: For those who use OMG when they text or talk.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

using OMG is not taking the lords name in vain. Taking the lords name is vain is pretending to be godly in front of others, all the while having something else devious intended. Black magic is also taking the lords name in vain, using god energys to do something terrible.

You Christians who allow these wars of the zionists in the middle east are surely taking God's name in vain.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

Wrong my friend. Your as bad as the TV shows who freely promote this language.
 Quoting: Not of this World

Actually, no, pretty much everyone on this thread is right except for you. God isn't even the name of God according to the bible, so using the word God in speech has nothing to even do with that bit from exodus. God's name is not "god"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7976121

Justify yourself, show me how this is true then, You cant. The bible was translated. Your heart is in the wrong place.
 Quoting: Not of this World

*This* is where you go further off course than normal.
I think what most religious people forget is that the burden of PROOF is on the religious person....NOT the non-believer. After all, you are the ones that keep telling the rest of us that we are wrong. I don't *have* to believe in your religion (or opinion for that matter)...so if you *want* for people to believe, then come up with some empirical data to support your claims....otherwise your opinion/belief is based on speculation and conjecture. If I don't believe in something that you *do* believe in, it's not up to me to prove *your* belief to you. IF you want me to believe it...then come up with something other than a work of fiction to prove your point. Bring me facts, scientifically provable facts, and we'll talk.
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