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Message Subject A WARNING: For those who use OMG when they text or talk.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Be a leader, not a follower of those who use damnable language.

"You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain." Exodus 20:7

 Quoting: Not of this World

using OMG is not taking the lords name in vain. Taking the lords name is vain is pretending to be godly in front of others, all the while having something else devious intended. Black magic is also taking the lords name in vain, using god energys to do something terrible.

You Christians who allow these wars of the zionists in the middle east are surely taking God's name in vain.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

'You Christians who allow these wars of the zionists in the middle east are surely taking God's name in vain.'

Allow war? Because people are not marching in to the Pentagon without clearance, (and massive security) and yanking generals up by their necks and dragging them out in the sunshine to get some good ol' fashioned justice?
Allow it because no matter what anyone says, those in power will absolutely have their way, and if you try to stop them, it's your ass?
Protest? Riot? You should know as well as I do that no matter what you or I may want, most of the time it doesn't matter jack shit what we want. How the hell can a Christian, or any individual for that matter "Allow war" or "Not Allow War, when the choice is not given on that level? The only choice a person has in the world is to do, or not do. Don't fight if you don't believe in war. But that does not mean the war will not come.

Knowing your part in the scheme of things is hard enough for most. Trying to stop the masters of war from doing what they want is another.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1044117

You would not believe how many churches, particularly the evangelical christian zionist churches support the wars in the MIddle east because they believe these wars have to happen to bring jesus. This is beyond stupidity. On top of that, they hate Islam. I have seen viscious shit in these churches during a period of about 3 years when I went from church to church on a research project. I was appalled in fact. Many dark pastors call in negative entities even, they are black magicians and people eat it up, thinking the energy of "god." These are places of satan generally.

You so called Christians have the power of large GROUPS and you do something with it, at least to have meetings if nothing else to work out this shit and stop supporting it, even if you can't do anything about it.

KNOWLEDGE is every thing and prophecy is given to let you know what that dark brothers are planning and some of it even THEY have placed in the bible to get YOU to support "Israel". Church should be a place of discussing the real problems of this world, I have never heard on single decent sermon in any church I have spent time in and I have spent plenty of time in them in my 64 years. They are generally USELESS as vibrate, vital organizations.
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