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Message Subject A WARNING: For those who use OMG when they text or talk.
Poster Handle Maying Prantis
Post Content
His name is YAHWEH!
Why do you think the Hebrews DO NOT SPEAK HIS NAME????
They call Him Adonai or Hashem -(which means "the namebecause His name was too holy to speak!)
Because they were/are afraid of using it in vain.

What is someone is NOT a Christian and their god is Allah or Zeus? then when they say OMG, they are referring to their god!
That why it is important that people KNOW THE NAME OF THEIR GOD!
But God is NOT HIS NAME.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10495976

God is His title...
Like Mother, father....ect....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10495976

Yes, but again, everyone knows (especially those in Christianized/English-speaking nations) who "God" refers to. It's not Buddha or Krishna, but Yahweh. No one should ever be afraid to talk about Him in vain if he is born again and is living his or her life according to His spirit. Usually it's the not yet born again people who invoke the word (OK, "title"?) God. They don't yet know Him.
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