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Message Subject How many realize that a war with Iran will end our status as a world super power?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am going to archive this in the event we do go to war. Once we lose, I will repost so everyone can see what a blundering buffoon thinks.

Why would it be so terrible? Iran has cold weaponry so to say ours is obsolete is a bit ridiculous . China just launched the're first aircraft carrier....we have had them since the late 1930s early 1940s. China also owns the majority of US debt (even though it isn't much more than the others we owe) and how many things in the US are made in china? If china went along with Iran than they can kiss that debt payment good by and the're economy would take a massive toll. Russia has nukes and US has nukes so that would only go so far (being the use of them from the both countries would destroy the world.) Iran knows its navy is nothing compared to the US and you can tell when they arm small motorboats with explosives for komakazi attacks (it was on the news today). The US soldiers have been playing cop duty in the middle east for 10 years and I know some that would love to finally go head to head with a army. Not to mention Isreal is dying to get some action. And just to add to the rant maybe a world war wouldn't be terrible for the US..... Was the economy not booming after ww2 due to the country pulling together and making and using only US goods? Wouldn't it end all the unemployment? I just think Iran doesn't have the army and power to convince other major country's to go
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According to you we won't be around to see it..... Let's just sit around and wait to be the whipping boy....what an American attitude right. I also like how you just have to put a offensive post with nothing to decredit what I said. Not that it matters the majority of ppl with agree with you, but maybe that is the true downfall of America....most of us have already surrendered.
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