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Human body

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 9069087
United States
02/14/2012 07:41 AM
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Human body
Sun flares,wi-fi,chloranated water. Invisible frequencys.kinda makes me feel all charged up and wayyy exhausted. I think I'm getting dumber to.Whoop eeeee. Hmmmm could be the lack of sleep.. Why can't I sleep? Ahhh yes, money... Need more money to sleep. It's kinda fun being in tune with things cuz then you can watch others reaction. Sooo cool! Just the other day a wayyy high pitch came from nowhere and, not drop to yr knees and explode, but more of tiny bells by your ear. Anyways so heard it and so I looked my friend all being somewhat normal and bang he grabs his ear and starts to go into that what the fk is that, and I say you hear that? He mellows out and is like what was that? That rang my deaf ear. And I was like life is good? As I soon again realize that my insides are all cramped da faaa... Maybe life isn't so good? Hmmmm.. O ya. Strange sounds. Microwave frequencies, cell phones. Laptops. Tv. Power lines. My house knows I'm talking about it cuz it's starting to moan and warp. .anyways my body is sooooo wanting a looonnngg vacation.. I still like the sun, but man last summer here in Colorado I can't tell you the many times I laughed my ass off at people because like 3 hours in the sun and they were burnt red..even this Bosnian dude. Kinda brown. But he went fishin and when he came back I was like dang your full blown Mexican man.. Crazy sun........ Love it.