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Message Subject Magnitude 5.9 - OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
Poster Handle samanthasunflower
Post Content
Only the Pacific NW...it will have little effect on SoCal...unless it sets off the San Andres.

I'd rather have doom far off and watch it on tv.

I really don't need the entire West Coast of the US to be destroyed. Because that is what will happen when the Cascadia subduction zone goes.
 Quoting: samanthasunflower

 Quoting: Gnothi Seauton

Really? If the Juan de Fuca slips, which runs from Oregon to Mendocino, a 1600 mile chunk of earth will create a tsunami estimated to be 200', with 15 minutes warning, which could take out much of the west coast. If the Cascadia slips, and there are estimates it is capable of a 10, there won't be a west coast.
 Quoting: Fire & Ice

Yes, IF we get a quake that big it will flatten the major cities of the Pacific NW and there will be a huge number of dead so anyone living in the area's that will be affected who is worried about it should get the hell out. Building construction in the major cities is shoddy to say the least, but I haven't read anything about a major tsunami from the 1700 quake affecting the interior of the Pacific NW. The earthquake on the Cascadia in the 1700's send a tsunami to Japan. If you have information that there was a destructive tsunami in the interior of the PNW then I will admit my error.
 Quoting: Gnothi Seauton

The tsunami won't harm the interior, but the earthquake will. It's supposed to be a 9-10 point earthquake, based on evidence of passed earthquakes. This quake will be felt in Idaho and will damage and destroy buildings many miles inland.

But it's the Coast that is going to be toast. Or rather the people and buildings on the coast that will no longer be there.
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