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Message Subject EUGENICS IS BACK!!! Detroit Democrat suggest putting STERILANTS into the city's drinking water!!!
Poster Handle aBiNoRmAl
Post Content

heck i would have a 2nd vasectomy for 6K :)
 Quoting: malfunkshun007

Vasectomys are great ! Virtualy no down time. 20 min in the doctors office, You walk in and walk out. A few hours of discomfort and thats it.

Sex drive is the same. Youre just shooting blanks,

I dont know why its not more promoted. I could never use a condom. Its like wearing a raincoat.

Much easier and less invasive than it is for a woman and it does not change performance or drive, true..some men feel like they are less of a man to do this..not so..Much better for the man to do it..and also a good way to find out if someone cheats on you when you are shooting blanks and your gf does not know you are "fixed"..a lot of men I know do not tell their gf about this for just that purpose..many an interesting situation, I've seen, especially when the girl tries to trap the guy with a kid..just sayin..:)
 Quoting: aBiNoRmAl

Yes, I agree, About invasive procedures for women, check out Catholic info page for the truth ! Tube tying and more gives a woman the menstrual cycle from hell.

A womans body is so delicate, you dont ever mess with it, Yet the medical field continually wants to cause it brings in the big bucks.

I believe in league with our population crisis and many people not interested in parenting or they are done having kids. Vasectomies should be free for all men and even proposed in other developing countries as a free service.

Funny story about tricking the woman. I see shows on Jerry Springer all the time, Women that have a hard time determining the Father, lol

That would be wonderful if they would offer free vasectomies and it would be much better than poisoning people through chemicals. Course, that is the logical and rational way to do this and therefore will never happen. I imagine people would be glad to have the procedure instead of bringing children into a devastating situation, knowing they are probably doing to die of disease or starvation. Breaks my heart.
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