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Message Subject Simulation Gaia. The Assimilation of Planet Consciousness into the Borg Cube HD
Poster Handle 2342
Post Content
Why are atoms over 99% hollow?

because its much harder to believe in something rather than nothing. Because if I was a god a created the universe I would as efficiently as possible. To prove that material objects are worthless- its how you choose to use them that important.

Are you living inside a computer simulation?

If we are, whose playing the game? what system are we running on(and can I buy one?)

Bottom line. You and I are human.

Accept this.

We are within Finite bodies.

Accept this.

We as humans made of Finite bodies cannot comprehend the infinite. ( try to put 500 giga bytes worth of data on a 1 megabyte thumbdrive- doesnt work very well.

Accept this.

The point of this life is to live and learn as we can. Wait till you've left this plane to ask question that are beyond our consciousness,

Can an ant in California consider the death of a human in China? They probably don't even try.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4528419

Speak for yourself.


Funny comment about the thumbdrive!
 Quoting: 2342

I apologize for my poor english, its not my first language, but hey I tried. My point is- to be human is to be imperfect. Learn to live with that and stop trying to be more than human, just try to be the best human you can.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4528419

Actually you are teaching yourself and other people to accept sin,God is not pleased with that.

He has shown you the way,in His glorious creation,as an example in flesh,and in grace and glory of the Spirit.
All life must come from Him.
 Quoting: Monstrum

But i thought flesh was full of sin. God makes a mistake and says correct it or spend eternity in hell?

Not my style.

As William Wallace says "FREEDOM!"

And i say, "Some choose the Left path, some choose the Right, i choose Neither!" Abrakadabraiwin!
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