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Message Subject What is the endgame? What would happen if America was really on the verge of decimation?
Poster Handle Iconoclastics
Post Content
Seriously, I want to know...

What would happen if America was about to be ruined/invaded/destroyed, what would be our response?

Would we literally just launch our nukes and say fuck everyone else? If we aren't on top than no one can be? Would we murder the entire world to secure our primacy? Would we nuke the planet in defense of our existence? Is that morally justifiable?

Speak you mind but do it intelligently. I want hear from my fellow Americans as well as from you internationals, who would undoubtedly be affected by an American nuclear Samson solution...
 Quoting: Iconoclastics

Sorry, to inform

it is being slowly invaded as we are here on this forum

muslims have invaded
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10099855


Anyone else with some realistic feedback?
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