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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
now heres a crazy thought.
what if the god, in reality is a goddess.
That created the earth, became the first woman, made the first man.
what if religions somehow have supressed that, since a female goddess and not a god, in charge, would be blasphemy?

so instead it was stated that god created man, in his own image, then created woman from just the rib of man?

im sorry if I step on some religious toes here, but don't worry its all just imagination.
 Quoting: Michael_

Not really.
I'm a (male) historian.
The crossover point was in the Bronze Age where bronze because of its shininess was identified with the sun, and often depicted as a wheel-as in a cart or chariot wheel rolling across the sky.
The specific people responsible for the Bible were nomadic desert raiders who worshipped a Sky Godfather in the form of Set when they got to Egypt. They used chariots to conquer Egypt.
Prior to that the central focus of Egyptian religion was Isis and the babes.
The Set worshippers changed EVERYTHING into its opposite.
Women were literally demonized and made into chattels for the Boys.
Islam still has this derogatory attitude, as do the other Desert Raider religions, which have become toned down over time.
A hundred years or so years ago English people could sell their wives because they were property.
And the English are still stupid as regards to women.
But I saw an Moslem here a week ago here with his wife dutifully following ten paces behind him.
Which is much closer to the original Biblically based bullshit.
But now it's...the return.
And YAY!
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