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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The bible and religion ruins everything half decent on this forum.

Except for threads that are solidly dedicated to being about the bible and religion.

As soon as people start posting scripture I feel like I need to go smash my face into a wall repeatedly.

Maybe I need an exorcism.
 Quoting: Kaylee

i encountered Her, of a thousand names, one time
in a forest grove and she touched me with Her
heart. the experience filled me with the essence
of her love, . .no other word to describe it except
for "Joy", pure, unadulterated, absolute, all
encompassing joy.

i was in the military at the time and of course
this profound change that overcame me made me
unsuitable for military duty and i was court martialed
and sent to the brig, a couple of times for
reindoctrination and attitude adjustment.
it was the pit of darkness in the dungeon of the
patriarchal beast where murder and torture were
just games for the servants of the beast.

i will never give an ounce of reverence to the
dark lord. my love, devotion, and life belongs
entirely to her, the queen of the forest.
in her divine heart consciousness i know that
life is eternal, . .every day is a chance to
rejoice for the miracle of her love and the
beauty of this paradise garden.

i felt so alone all these years because no one
believed, no one understood the experience i tried
to describe and my new understanding that resulted
from that encounter.

until now, thank you, OP, for bringing this thread
to this forum.
blessings of love and joy to all
may the light continue to grow.
 Quoting: xxx 10875430

What a beautiful description of a spiritual experience

thank you for sharing that!
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