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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
they say that angels and devils have no gender, so yes :)
however..hmm I had this daydream. im gonna sound crazy ..again.

I was with the goddess, and we were embracing and this "devil" appeared, I visualised it as Lucifer or a fallen angel in a way.
it asked for forgiveness, and wanted to be embraced, but I could feel the malice and the deceit so I hesitated, and told the goddess to hide inside me, so she would not be attacked.

I spoke to the devil and said I would forgive it if there would be no deceit, it agreed, then embraced me and the goddess inside.
this devil turned into a small baby, and all the "bad" washed away :)
I stod there along the goddess with this baby in our arms :)

then I "woke up" though it wasnt a dream, just imagination.
Im not religious, maybe im just inspired :))

ehh didnt mean to freak you out, sorry :/
 Quoting: Michael_

damn...thank you for sharing that Michael...sounds like you are...go with it honey...

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