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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Candidates are so worried about putting people back to work, jobs jobs jobs, its not about living for a job, its about working less for more money... sure you'll get more openings at wall mart, star bucks and positions for veterans but is that we want, for our humanity be degraded , devolved to be a number on a balance sheet, make our life as short as convenient, make our lives a currency, are we the expense to be written off, an asset to be harnessed? Should our potential be invested in destroying what makes us who we are, should we drink poison and make believe we dont. Is endless consumption of things we never need, the answer for all we lack, isnt it hard to live symbolically? Doesnt being real rule? Doesnt it feel good to feel good, so why do we choose to do this to ourselves by hands of others, we all share an indirect relationship, what goes around comes around literally to you as nature is so.

If you are unaware of effects your thoughts words and actions, you are missing life.. i find that lots of us are missing out on a great perspective due to our selfish outdated views. See what you want but if it isnt the truth its not worth seeing, we shouldnt shape the world to us we should shape ourselves after earth, nature that we were put here after, we should be creating sustainable futures and looking towards the stars as individuals of a human race united in peace and harmony with mother earth god and ourselves together. We need to learn our lessons already, there are more than enough examples, there is no one without the other.

Food, Health and Shelter should not be something you cant afford, happines is not something we should trade for a wage, our hours are not for passing, we shouldnt die for someone, let alone for ourselves. Horror is not a movie, its what happens in the world, but most dont live to tell about it. We are responsible for everything, change is a constant, do whats infinitely right and good, the rest takes care of itself. Arrest progress in the wrong direction, forget the past its now time for the new dimension, what we inherited no longer works, truth is self evident, ahead and up.

Thanks to all the teachers, to all.


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