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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
She certainly is no child, but doubtless has the ability to appear in different guises.

She is a fully mature woman, beautiful, ripe, with long flowing hair, beautiful eyes, full breasts and a slightly round tummy. She is overflowing with love and compassion, and creative energies. She moves and and the energy flows around her like a breeze just seeking her command, waiting to do her bidding.

She can walk amongst mortals, and indeed has done so before.

She desires above all that children of whatever species have the opportunity to grow and develop in whatever form and shape they chose, without limitation. She allows her children freedom of expression without having to conform to set expectations, unlike the god who currently rules this world. But like any mother, if she needs to, she will discipline her children, rarely though.

She like any loving mother, allows her children scope to grow and she nurtures and loves her creations, but does not seek to control them, or to tell them that they must worship her. Freedom of expression is part of her desire for her children.

Unfortunately, at this present moment her children on this planet are almost totally, (with a few exceptions, such as most on this thread), under the control and domination of the annunuaki god that rules this holographic existance.

But Goddess has had enough, and is waking to bring about freedom to those souls who choose to have the freedom of expression that is their birthright.

She is a beautiful, loving, nuturing, compassionate, strong, wise, woman with an exceptional sense of humour...

That is what I know of her. Always soft spoken... and so wise.
 Quoting: ~Una~

Sooooo beautifully said! Such a smile in my heart right now :)

And that you understand the nature of this construct, and its ruler, is equally beautiful :)
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