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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle ToadMaster
Post Content
Lucifer is NOT Jesus. That's why. You and your type hide behind your smileys, posting love this and love that, instead of coming right out and letting everyone here know exactly what you are about.

You act cowardly. I just showed you a huge flaw in your film and you ignored it… posting more hearts as your solution. Well guess what? It didn’t work.

You either do not understand my ‘pretty pictures’, which makes you incredibly ignorant, or you know exactly what you are doing.

So who do you serve?

Lucifer or Jesus?


I’ve spent over 20 years designing your precious Lucifer’s (sacred feminine) hangout, and the keys are about to be turned over.

On Apollo’s website there is the saying “We ARE the conspiracy”. I belong to one branch of it and I know more than I should.

I have nothing but respect for Apollo, because he’s not ashamed of who he is, yet he constantly gets 'one star' ratings by posting the very same info that other New Agers post who get high star ratings.

Don’t you get it? He’s the man in the mirror that you guys bash!!! Am I the only one that sees the irony?

When you New Agers are convinced that the person in the mirror is you and it's love and god and all that, you need to try and go beyond. If you’ve become satisfied that you have reached your goal, you will never notice that it’s someone wearing a mask.

I'm telling you I went beyond it. I wasn't fooled, and the mask came off. I saw what was really there on the other end of your so called 'path to oneness'.

I then accessed something that day that I shouldn’t of.

That thing is on the right…


There is a spirit waiting for you there… wanting to become one with you. I don’t know much about midwives, but I DON’T like being one. All I can do is pray it left me. Maybe I need to have Apollo perform a transfer (lol).

This may be one of the last posts I do here. This is why I'm acting this way. I'm planning on leaving GLP, so I want to get out as much as I can before I do it.

That Madonna concert was the last straw for me. I know where this is all going, because I helped build it. I just want to live out my last days in peace.

I'll never forget the stories my Mom used to tell me about hiding jewish people in her basement and having Nazis break in looking for them.

She saw dead people hanging in the streets where she played during WWII.

You New Age people have been protected by Lucifer from certain realities, so it's easy to post 'hearts' to make the boogy man go away.

I guess we humans have to learn the hard way.
 Quoting: Uncle Mikey

I found your cosmology nebulous, unwholesome.

You presume to shake my faith with false gnostism paired with loosely-strewn symbolic interpretations, tethered by relatively fear based and anti-kundalini propaganda?

What exactly are you trying to say?
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