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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
She was greatest and most revered amongst all in the site of the heavenly host.
She threw herself down in agony when the great seperation occured, that she would be left without her greatest love of time and existance. Every heavenly host rejoiced and was glad that this new thing was done in in the midst of them, except for one. She took all the pain of unfairness, She took all the agony of her suffering of the unbearable pain of being ripped apart from her heart, and sought to make ammends for her torment.
She threw herself down and became all that would cause war, war apon the world that had taken her love away, and she caused herself to dream, to dream and make her dreams manifest so that it became revenge apon all mankind. She
did this in the most oppisite way of love that you could imagine.
she was born time and time again through many, a timeless soul in wondering to and fro through the earth, accusing all that she could to get revenge apon any who ever came close to the love that she had in the beginning.
And each time she was brought she weakened, although the destruction that she had sowed grew, she grew to see through the eyes of others. She saw what she had caused and it pained her soul to it's core, and she cried out to the the greatest of all love, take me home, I have seen the errors of my way, and i am ready to go home, forgive me father for i have sinned.
She has awakened.
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