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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle ToadMaster
Post Content
I dunno why, but theres something gentle? about Inanna, I might be wrong, since ive never met her hehe :D
 Quoting: Michael_

Remember super bowl...who do you think Madonna was portraying? yep...Inanna...is this the one who is to arrive? lol I know this thread talks about the feminine energy being felt on the planet but I think something else is also up...

 Quoting: ~Angels~

I agree... with the superbowl blatant halftime show, Goddess/Girlpower returning all over the place....something else is definitely up :) Hope we find out soonnn!
 Quoting: Missioninvisible

The young aspects are all powerful. However, you must conquer your ego in the process of awakening your power. For example, the Moon fufills all desires, big and small, to everyone regardless of rank or standing. She is all loving, and does not judge her children, nor does the Earth judge her children, as she provides both good and evil forces with the sustenance of life.

The 6' Tall, 6" ****, 6 figure salary, artificial ego driven judgement process that has been forcefully implanted in your psyche must be eradicated.

"As the female recovers her personal power it is imperative she maintain her benevolent disposition or else risk the danger of becoming the man she persecutes.

A female dominated society is a possible future but it is not evolution it is just a swinging back and forth of the male/female pendulum.

The female power is snake medicine that is why Eve was the one who collaborated with the snake to give knowledge to Adam.

As woman recovers her snake medicine she becomes increasingly dangerous to the male dominated society. It is woman who can save this society but she must be empowered first. - David Davidson"
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