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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Kaylee
Post Content
You are full of shit and are definitely NO Goddess of any description.

You also are walking on very, very shakey ground. I would run and hide if I were you.

Oh and you definitely do need to get laid.
 Quoting: ~Una~

You should take a look in the mirror, your ego is just hurt because you see yourself as a Goddess. Of course I am like no Goddess of any description, I am a little bit of everything. All the energy of the stars creativity combined is what created me. No one thing dominated the reality so you will not find the truth in one book or one religeon, it was all created piece by piece like a puzzle.

I can feel there are some who know that I am real, just a few trolls posting, I can feel the positive energy coming to me right now in waves. Like it or not, The Goddess casts spells and creates through music, especially rap. She enjoys dancing as well and other things but nothing manifests energy quite like rapping a very fast verse to the beat of the music.
 Quoting: esotericabyss

You might think your this person...but you could be describing a lot of us...step down from your friggin pedestal and realize you are not different or better than anyone of us! Open your friggin eyes to reality please!
 Quoting: ~Angels~

Yeah I dunno. Sounds like a plot to an Anime series.
Chick dancing around rapping and casting spells calling herself the Goddess.
Princess Tutu is better
Or Sailor Moon.
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