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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle A Muse Me
Post Content


Nothing unmanly about expressing tender emotions Michael.. that is part of the reason you are so endearing to her.
 Quoting: ~Una~

thx :)
I was literaly shaking, I dont think ive cried like that, since I lost my mother.
and apparently im OK with telling you all this!, I hate glp :D
 Quoting: Michael_

I love you, Michael. I am so glad I faced the hurt of a few lost in pain in returning to glp just to be able to say that aloud to you. And maybe not, hate. Like Aimee Mann put it in the song above (Save Me) “the freaks that suspect they can never love anyone.”
 Quoting: A Muse Me

I love you too muse :) - and im not drunk this time haha
We all hurt sometimes (arrrh couldnt help it, great song btw)
But im glad you told me :)
I don't think theres anyone in this thread I can't love :D
but love is EXTRA free over the internet
but im gonna get some sleep now hehe :)
NN all, im never gonna forget this day lol
 Quoting: Michael_

See you over coffee in the morning. I like waking up to seeing your coffeecup

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